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   TUVALU is a small Pacific Island nation confronting the real possibility of inundation from Climate Change induced sea-level rises. A group of concerned global citizens has formed to offer support to the Tuvalu people and to put forward ideas for sustainable future directions. One key solution suggests a possible relocation of the Tuvalu people - one that would not only celebrate and elevate Tuvaluan culture but would also offer exemplary community and urban design outcomes from which all other cultures could learn.

   It seems contradictory to suggest that if there is a solution to a long list of current global crises then it is probably to be found at the local scale. But all indications seem to point in that direction. Solutions to climate change, peak oil, financial crisis, food vulnerability and social dislocation can not be easily imposed from above because they rely on a change to individual behaviour.
   How best to enact this necessary behavioural change?
It is envisaged that unless positive models for change are put forward, then individuals will remain reluctant to alter their lifestyles. As such, the most urgent action to be taken now is to develop these models for change and then present them to the broader community. This "Action Plan for the Relocation of Tuvalu" was seen as a perfect vehicle for such action.
   Firstly, it is urgent - oceans are rising, Tuvalu's resources are stretched.
   Second, it is representative - the problem of environmental migrants is likely to escalate with estimates of up to 300 million people to be displaced before the end of this century.
   Thirdly, it is exemplary - the model for the Tuvaluan relocation can equally serve as a template for other relocated communities. It is likely that global crises will necessitate a reversal of globalisation in the near future, with many city residents forced to relocate closer to their sources of food and resources. The creation of communities with a dramatically higher degree of local self reliance will be essential. As such, this action plan for Tuvaluan relocation also serves as a template for the relocalisation of populations within the potential host nation, Australia.
   The 7Cs group (pronounced Seven Seas) has formed around the issue of Tuvaluan relocation. The C's represent Cultural Cohesion, Climate Change, Carrying Capacity and Collaboration.