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   What might a truly SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY look like? How can we introduce a settlement pattern that is productive, environmentally responsive, culturally appropriate and importantly, sustainable in the long-term?

The design of any new settlement will be highly dependant on the physical characteristics of the site. Cultural concerns are paramount but ultimately, the physical conditions are likely to be less adaptable than human lifestyles so culture may need to be moulded to fit the landscape and climate. Historically, this has probably always been the case. Until the advent of air conditioning and ubiquitous modern building materials, a responsiveness to context was a primary concern of any well-designed living space. It is likely that in a more energy-constrained world we will need to return to this method of planning. Thus, a site analysis will be vital in helping to design and sequence the layout of a new Tuvaluan settlement. Here is a site responsive land-use design process that is reliant on the carrying capacity of the local environment: