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   Traditionally the two primary sources of structural building MATERIALS were the pandanus and coconut trees. The pandanus, in particular, is popular for its ease of handling and the leaves also make excellent thatching. It is unlikely that either of these trees will be useful as potential building materials in Australia so other materials are recommended:

  • Timber: if there is timber already growing on site that can be harvested for the purpose of construction, that would be ideal. Other wise, source locally produced timber or start growing timber on site.
  • Bamboo: it might take 10 years before a timber plantation even begins to be ready for harvesting for building materials so it is advised that growing bamboo might be advantageous. Bamboo has many uses and it quite strong. It has excellent structural characteristics, grows quickly (some varieties might be ready for construction about 3 years after planting); can be used structurally or for walling, screens, floors or fences; and has a wide range of other uses (food, furniture, paper, fabrics).