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   COLLABORATION: The Tuvalu 7Cs group (pronounced Seven Seas) has formed around the issue of forced migration caused by climate change, social dislocation and population pressure. We aim to put forward ethical, system-based sustainable solutions to impending global problems and welcome collaboration with like-minded individuals and groups.

   On 27 June 2009, the 7Cs group and QUT staff & students presented the Fale Matagi building to the local Brisbane Tuvalu community as part of the Noosa Gallery's biennial Floating Land Event.
   The Fale Matagi was gifted to the Tuvaluan community as gesture of goodwill between Australia and Tuvalu. It aims to celebrate Tuvaluan culture and showcase positive solutions to global problems. It was constructed from bamboo, to help raise the profile of future sustainable building materials. Fale Matagi means breeze building in Tuvaluan language.

Who are we?
Ben Kofe is a Tuvaluan straddling two cultures. He is a leader amongst his own community and currently works in architecture in Brisbane, Australia.
Murray Lane studied arcthitecture with Ben Kofe at QUT, Brisbane. He has a strong interest in low-tech, low-impact architectural and urban design solutions and is currently working on his PhD developing models in the assessment of regional population carrying capacity.
Neil Davidson is a trans-disciplinary systems-thinker aiming to create sustainable, legacy outcomes and resilient, intentional communities by facilitating emergence and collaboration within a global ‘do no harm’ ethic.
Richard Mochelle’s early career in architecture segued into environmental design education, then futures education, then moral and political philosophy. Since completing his doctoral thesis on global responsibility and constitutionalism, he has been exploring the system design implications for education, economics, governance and rural/urban planning. In 2005 he initiated an ethics-based program at QUT to stimulate architecture students to develop ethically-oriented design projects in response to global problems. Both Ben Kofe and Murray Lane were students participating in this program.